What is Unnatured Lifestyle?

A relevant and informative Christian youth blog teaching and encouraging the youth to live their lives soaring over challenges through the word of God. To live life unnaturally.

Who is Unnatured Lifestyle for?

13-18 year olds who are looking for answers to life issues.

We aim to provide thought provoking content that helps youth connect with their Creator and the awesome love He has for them.

What topics do you cover?

Christian living, pop culture and current affairs.

Our aim is to simply lay out what the Bible says to young people today and provide a variety of examples as evidence of its truth.

Who contributes? How do people contribute?

Youth ministers, youth workers, other church leaders , the youths who have experienced the Love of God personally and if you have a voice you want the youth to hear. If you would like to contribute, please check out the submissions guidelines and contact us.

It’s natural  to worry and get anxious, become depressed and suicidal. Learn how to live the UNNATURED way. The God kind of way.  As HE is so are we in this world.


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