Hi I am Alicia Ogbologugo and I co own UNNATUREDLIFESTYLE.COM. I am a writer, teacher and lawyer.



For many years, I have tutored and mentored teenagers young men and women through challenges that seemed insurmountable. I was known as the “Backyard coach”. I was only 16 and all of us recorded a lot of success.
I have had my ups and downs, my highs and very lows, near suicides, wounded by abuse, fear, lack of self esteem and confidence.

I have had a wonderful time with my Teen teams. Now it is time to share my message, everything that I have taught and I am currently teaching with you.
One question, I always ask is “Would you like to soar over this challenge or go through this challenge like everyother person?” If yes,the simple solution to soaring like an eagle is accepting the Love that Christ has for you.

In this blog, my team and I write on subjects of Victory over Fear, Love, Lifestyle of the Unnatured, Leadership, Personal development and if there is any post that doesnt fall within these categories, then it is definitely inspired and as important.


Below, are some examples of the questions UnnaturedLifestyle will answer.

What does having a relationship with God really mean?

It means that you and God are ONE. You are the child of God and He is your father. You are now an heir and joint heir with Jesus. This doesn’t mean you wont have trying times or that life wont throw lemons at you. It just means you have God on your side working things out for you.

How do I deal with people and problems that have deeply hurt me?

Someone will always hurt you that is life. Situations will definitely come up that will try to knock you down. How you deal with such matters. You take it to Jesus who loves you no matter the circumstances. You hand over the situation to Him.Let Him deal with it on your behalf. You forgive the person or the people and yes that will be difficult because of the hurt and the pain. However, to get past all that, you have to forgive to move on. Give it to Jesus and forgive the people. If you cant forgive, ask God to help you forgive. Jesus will indeed take care of it and take care of you.

How can I trust in God when I cant trust my own parents/guardians.
Trust is earned and even though your parents broke that trust does not mean God will. God has even put His name up, His very being to swear by for you to know that you can trust Him. He will never leave you nor forsake you. God has earned His trustworthy status. Check His track record. To check, you have to read the Word and this blog.😀

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