Focus into your Future.


Stuck in the Rut? Focus into your future.

Thinking about what I said in the last post, I decided to drop a message from a pastor who is gradually becoming one of my favourites. Bringing the future into focus. You can’t afford to live without intention this year. Everything you plan on doing be it, reading, studying for test, getting an after school job, gaming even day dreaming; let it be intentional.


Enjoy Pastor Jay Haizlip.

How to choose the right voice.

How to choose the right voice. How to distinguish the voice of truth from other voices.


Rather then write, I would rather have you listen to the song by the awesome group CASTING CROWNS. Remember the ways I taught on enjoying gospel songs? How to enjoy gospel music.Enjoy this song and allow the words to minister to you and your spirit. What voice will you listen to? Its your choice. #StayUnnatured


Its part 3 and I cant believe we have gone through part 1 and 2. I really believe that through the new understanding of gospel music and how it isnt boring, you will feel the love of God. So gospel rock! Gosh I lovvvvve gospel rock music. Its one of the most misunderstood genres of music. Debates have gone on and on for years whether the genre could be played by christians, could be played during praise and worship and even at parties. A lot of gospel rock artistes have been branded as demonic and their music heracy. We thank God for the true rock artistes who stayed with their message of love, salvation and The Cross. Gospel rock is here to stay. Remember, the lyrics are the most important in any song. Gospel rock isnt different. For the lesson again, click here.HOW TO ENJOY GOSPEL MUSIC
But that’s my opinion. What is your say about Rock in gospel music?
Ps.. enjoy another video just to help your decision.


So its another genre of music. This time hiphop. Many times,hip hop music has been associated with gang banging, violence, the promoting of drugs, rape, sex and every other vice one can think of.
However, what happens to the individual who likes this genre of music, who is born again spirit filled and has no association with the “death” secular hiphop seemingly projects?

The good news is that gospel hiphop has come and has come to stay. The beats are as sick as the beats of the secular style and the lyrics aren’t lame. The rappers and artistes of this genre have a story and a testimony of what God got them through and they are so real.

Remember in the How to enjoy gospel music, I pointed out ways to recognise an authentic gospel song. The enemy is crafty, dressed as a lamb in sheep clothing. With the steps mentioned, I trust God to guide you as you begin enjoying music the godly way.

Enjoy Trip Lee,Canon & deraj ft. Jeanie Ortega PRAISE AND ARROWS courtesy of



How to enjoy Gospel music.

*In Jesus Name by Darlene Zschech.

There is no other way to enjoy gospel music except through the lyrics. Any true gospel song must be inspired by the Holy Spirit.

1. It doesn’t condemn. It should point everyone christian and non christian to the one true love of their life..Jesus.

2. It doesn’t promote hatred and violence.

3. It should NEVER EVER promote one denomination over the other. There is no denomination in Christ. There is only the church which is you and I.

4. It connects you to the Father God. Every inspired song of God connects you to God. It has a way of getting past the ugliness of life, reaching deep into our soul turning our inner lights on.

5. It should have verses of scripture in them. No matter how great the beat is and the sound,every gospel song should have scripture written in for us to lay hold the promise of God for us. It could have healing scriptures, prosperity scriptures, salvation scriptures. Scriptures describing the love of God for us and who we are in Christ.

In summary, every gospel song should bring about a knowledge of how much love God has for us.
So if you didn’t listen to the inspirational song above, please go back and make sure to listen to the lyrics.

In the coming weeks, I will be posting great gospel songs in all genres.
If I skip any genre, please let me know by posting it either in the comments or via email. Thanks!


How to stay calm in jeopardy.

Before you ask, I am in no way advertising the college. What I am doing is sharing theses important tips and adding a few of mine. We all need to be cautious yet not live in fear. So what happens when you face a serious or grave situation? Dont panic, stay calm and do the needful.

I love the way the video puts it. Stay where you are, silence your phone , get under furniture, call the emergency number of your country. My first and last point added is PRAY. In every grave , scary situation take a deep breath and pray. Pray while you are barricading the doors, pray while you are getting under the furniture. PRAY!

Prayer works and its available for us all. Dont ever think that while you are praying, God and His angels would go through a check list making sure you are right standing to get an answer. The word says, and whatever you ask for in prayer believe(trust and be confident) that it is granted to you. Mark11:24(amp).

Dont I have to Born Again for Jesus to Answer my Prayer?
None of the people Jesus healed in the bible were born again. Jesus went about doing good, healing all who were under the power of the devil….”Acts10:38

I hope that sinks in. Probably you are reading this and you havent turned your life over to Jesus, Jesus LOVES you and was crazy in love with you to lay His life for you. So how about it. Say a prayer first. Give God the permission to help you.

So remember, in any type of situation you find yourself in, whether you are running away or hiding, PRAY! and pray not in fear but in FAITH…..BELIEVING GOD WILL DO IT.