Happy New Everything!!!


It occurred to me that I haven’t even wished you a Happy New Year.

So, please pardon me and take this as my official New Year message to you.

Truth is- I’ve been working on several exciting things.

You might be aware of some of them but before I go on and on about myself,
here’s what I’m trusting God to do for YOU this year:

A new lease of life.

The right relationships.

The knowledge of your Why.

Healed hearts.

Restored minds.

Love and Trust.

You don’t have to live in pain, depression and hurt any more. You can soar like an eagle above live’s challenges and succeed.

This year I will teach just that. How to live and not drown. So for now let’s see soon.


Are We Good Enough As We Are?


Lets us make mankind in our own image… Our image. Gen 1:26.God created us in His image. We look like God and that’s what we believe. Are we still in His image after a sex change?

The English dictionary defines image as an optical or other representation of a real object. 2. A characteristic of a person, group or company etc.,style,manner of dress, how one is, or wishes to be, perceived by others.
So, if we have been created to look just like the Great God our heavenly father, why are we then having issues with our image?

What exactly is the problem?

The average child/teen has been led to think that we have been created by chance without purpose and design and there is no such thing as the God Head. Therefore they can change they way they look, change their sexual orientation and now change their sex. Once that is done, they should be satisfied and if they aren’t satisfied then change whatever the problem is again and thus the cycle continues.

So the question that arises to the average christian is, are we good enough as we are?
The answer is YES WE ARE.

Other questions are:
1.Having a sex change, does that change our image we have from God?
2.Just how important is our sex to God?
3.Can one be born again and have a sex change?
4.Does having a sex change suggest being gay?
5.Could a transition like this lead one to hell?

These are just few of the questions that have been raised all because people have decided to trade one image for another.
The fact is that many christians qualify sins or wrong doing in categories. Stealing is a bigger sin than lying, while murder is just as bad as rape. With God, sin is sin. So ask yourself this, can lying,stealing be forgiven by God? Can one be born again and still lie, cheat and steal?

I am in no position to point fingers, condemn or insult. I know better. The position I am in is to tell you that you have been created for a purpose, built up with gifts and treasures that will find its expression. You have been made in the image of the Most High God and that is a big deal. You are so loved by God that He gave up His son Jesus. Your life has been set up in such a way that it will give God glory.
You are the best masterpiece created by God. There isn’t anyone like you. So go and express everything that’s inside of you to the glory of God.
You are worth every drop of blood that Jesus shed.

My advice on transgenders is understand that God loves them, the same way He loves you. All we can do is pray. Yes pray! Pray they get to know and experience the depth, the breadth and height of the love God has for them.Eph3:14-18 Pray they get the chance to hear the gospel. Pray for the labourers of their harvest to be sent Luke 10:2 (people sent to minister to them). Pray that their hearts will be receptive to the good news.

Our job isn’t to condemn or present ourselves perfect because we had a past, a gory one as a matter of fact. Yet here we are…born again,redeemed by God. Our job is to be the light to someone’s darkness. Soak up yourself with the word of God that anyone meeting you encounters the love of God and is led to repentance.
So once again I ask ,are we good enough in the body we have been born in? My answer again and forever will be is YES!

Go out and win!


So its another genre of music. This time hiphop. Many times,hip hop music has been associated with gang banging, violence, the promoting of drugs, rape, sex and every other vice one can think of.
However, what happens to the individual who likes this genre of music, who is born again spirit filled and has no association with the “death” secular hiphop seemingly projects?

The good news is that gospel hiphop has come and has come to stay. The beats are as sick as the beats of the secular style and the lyrics aren’t lame. The rappers and artistes of this genre have a story and a testimony of what God got them through and they are so real.

Remember in the How to enjoy gospel music, I pointed out ways to recognise an authentic gospel song. The enemy is crafty, dressed as a lamb in sheep clothing. With the steps mentioned, I trust God to guide you as you begin enjoying music the godly way.

Enjoy Trip Lee,Canon & deraj ft. Jeanie Ortega PRAISE AND ARROWS courtesy of Rapzilla.com



How to stay calm in jeopardy.

Before you ask, I am in no way advertising the college. What I am doing is sharing theses important tips and adding a few of mine. We all need to be cautious yet not live in fear. So what happens when you face a serious or grave situation? Dont panic, stay calm and do the needful.

I love the way the video puts it. Stay where you are, silence your phone , get under furniture, call the emergency number of your country. My first and last point added is PRAY. In every grave , scary situation take a deep breath and pray. Pray while you are barricading the doors, pray while you are getting under the furniture. PRAY!

Prayer works and its available for us all. Dont ever think that while you are praying, God and His angels would go through a check list making sure you are right standing to get an answer. The word says, and whatever you ask for in prayer believe(trust and be confident) that it is granted to you. Mark11:24(amp).

Dont I have to Born Again for Jesus to Answer my Prayer?
None of the people Jesus healed in the bible were born again. Jesus went about doing good, healing all who were under the power of the devil….”Acts10:38

I hope that sinks in. Probably you are reading this and you havent turned your life over to Jesus, Jesus LOVES you and was crazy in love with you to lay His life for you. So how about it. Say a prayer first. Give God the permission to help you.

So remember, in any type of situation you find yourself in, whether you are running away or hiding, PRAY! and pray not in fear but in FAITH…..BELIEVING GOD WILL DO IT.


God Is Not Far Away!

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Fear is one spirit and attack we’ll see consistently in our lives. Fear tends to creep into all our issues.

We fear that who we are is not enough, so we deal with jealousy. We fear not having enough, so we live out of scarcity. We fear not being good enough, so we live with insecurity. We fear being abandoned, so we refuse to love. We fear being rejected, so we become approval addicted. We fear betrayal so we don’t trust..esp God..we fear His condemnation because those even who are meant to secure and safeguard our lives, secrets and weaknesses use it against us..

We fear not being strong enough, so we cover it up with pride. We fear not measuring up to others, so we wrestle with comparison. We fear chaos, so we grapple for control. This fear we truly cant handle it on our own. What we’ll discover is that our greatest fear will always come true. Job 3:25 what I have feared has come upon me, what I have dreaded has happened to me. But there is an even greater truth to replace it. Joshua1:9.Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified;do not be discouraged,for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. God knows about these fears. That’s why in the word some verses start with FEAR NOT,HAVE NO FEAR.

What is it you are afraid of? Hand it over to Jesus right now. Forget what the voices are saying within your head.. You are worth His love.. He died for you while u were yet a sinner. His word says, don’t be frightened! Isaiah 43:1-2 This what the Lord your creator who formed you says, Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name,you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the waters, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; and the flames will not set you ablaze.

God isn’t far.. He is right there beside you as you read this, with His outstretched hand waiting for you to grab a hold of Him. So are we going to grab His hand and let Him take care of this fear?

Don’t be afraid, for I am with you! Don’t be frightened, for I am your God! I strengthen you – yes, I help you – yes, I uphold you with my saving right hand!
Isa 41:10


girl-625353__180 FEAR!I met you years ago when you barged your way into my heart fixing your grip on my insecurities. You made me fear myself, my strength, my weakness, my life. I did not want you, but you came anyway. I never asked you to stay but you insisted on being my appendage. You were always there. While I slept, while I moved, anytime I wanted to do something new.


You allowed me to be bullied by my class mates because I was scared they would find out who I was and where I lived. I was afraid that no one would see me nor want me as a friend so I allowed the bullying. At least people spoke to me then.


Fear you thrived and flourished while I cried and got skinny. I became nasty, became hash thinking I could defeat you all by myself. What people thought was confidence was a battle I was fighting within me. The class mates that bullied me I fought back physically. I was my champion. I defeated  you.


That’s what I thought. But you merely slipped into the dark corners of my soul. For days, months and some years I was free. You came back with a swing, with a new vengeance. I didn’t have any weapons. You had studied me, my soul and my mind. For years I was a carcass. For years I couldn’t speak out. What if they stopped loving me if I confronted my abusive friend. I knew I shouldn’t be treated this way. What if I failed if I just tried to be me? What if I stood my ground, would I still be wanted?

person-371015__180  Hello fear. Its been a while we saw each other. I don’t miss you. I hear you when you creep up to me but you always meet the NO ENTRY TO NON AUTHORISED PERSONEL.  

Hello fear. Guess what? I dont need to fight for what had already be won.




Everyone like a phone has many apps in them. In a phone, there are loads and loads of apps running quietly causing the “phone of our recent dreams” to function. However, we never optimise the use of our phones before we get attracted to a newer version or a different brand of phone.

In a survey done at a teens group meeting, they were asked if any of them utilised ALL the apps in their phones before buying a new one. None raised their hands. When asked why, one of them replied (many of them agreed with this point) that they really had never thought about it. They just liked the fact they could buy another phone that looked smarter, looked more expensive and really more attractive.

We arent different from our phones. We have various apps installed in us. We have our entertainment app, academic app, social app, emotional app, financial app, behaviour app, interlectual app, religious app, creativity  app  etc. They get upgraded everytime we hear a new song, or watch a new game on the sports channel. We learn things everyday, every minute, every second. Every 24hrs our apps are being upgraded.

Then we see someone we think is better looking than us, smarter than us, more popular than us, maybe wealthier than us, healthier than us. What do we do? We want to buy a new us. The market out there tells us that we need to forget what brand and make we are, sometimes they make us discard the purpose of who we are.  We want to become all of them and no more us. Then we try, try so hard that it leads to depression and sometimes suicide at our failures.  Our attitudes change, soon our characters change. We become worse.

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.  You should be happy with who you are. You  may not be the best or the greatest, that doesnt mean you are useless. All it means it is time for an internal search.  You may not be maximising your apps, chances are you  havent even begun making use of your apps that are needed to become the best. Another check in your internal search may show your storage is just full of junk and irrelevant data.

CHECK YOUR MANUAL. With a show of hands, who reads the manual when they are about to use their new phones? Another question, who reads through their manual? Every manual comes with detailed descriptions of the phone as well as the care of the phone, the strength of the phone and the restrictions to what the phone can do. Most importantly it tells the owner the purpose of the phone.

Same for us. Our manufacturer has given us our manual with the detailed instructions on how to maximise our lives to the fullest. Our manual is the Word of God and our manufacturer is GOD Himself.  God knows everything about you. He knows who needs what app and who doesnt. Stop looking at other models of  phones, look at your manual, maximise your apps. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!