Dont Drop Your Keys.


Back in school, for two years, I happened to have my room on the last floor. It was not always an easy task to climb especially when I had a very long day. Usually, I get my keys from the reception and start heading upstairs. I realized that I always held my key tightly in my hands. Suddenly, when I get to say the third floor, there’s this fear that the key will drop off my hands, I then unconsciously hold it tighter and closer to my hand, get to my room and enjoy the comfort of my room. Smartphone-Key-Smart-Lock-1050x700

When you have a car, no matter how tired you are, you certainly will not throw the keys away, you would not say, “My hands hurt, so I have to throw you away”. Hmm, you’ll so be on your own when it’s time to go home. You need to understand that you have so many things on your inside that are of more worth and value than your key. You should hold onto them tightly; do not throw them away. If you think you can draw, start drawing, you think you can sing, start now, whatever you think you can do start doing it now. image.dmp.full.lost-house-keys-left-on-ground

Just the way you hold tightly to your keys and you don’t want to let them go until you are well settled inn, then, hold tightly those beautiful gifts He has put on your inside and watch the gift affect thousands and bring joy to God and you. Listen guys, if you think you can do anything and you are not doing it, it’s as simple as throwing the keys to your house or car into the ocean. Start now, hold what you have tight and watch your life become so beautiful.