How to choose the right voice.

How to choose the right voice. How to distinguish the voice of truth from other voices.


Rather then write, I would rather have you listen to the song by the awesome group CASTING CROWNS. Remember the ways I taught on enjoying gospel songs? How to enjoy gospel music.Enjoy this song and allow the words to minister to you and your spirit. What voice will you listen to? Its your choice. #StayUnnatured

Are We Good Enough As We Are?


Lets us make mankind in our own image… Our image. Gen 1:26.God created us in His image. We look like God and that’s what we believe. Are we still in His image after a sex change?

The English dictionary defines image as an optical or other representation of a real object. 2. A characteristic of a person, group or company etc.,style,manner of dress, how one is, or wishes to be, perceived by others.
So, if we have been created to look just like the Great God our heavenly father, why are we then having issues with our image?

What exactly is the problem?

The average child/teen has been led to think that we have been created by chance without purpose and design and there is no such thing as the God Head. Therefore they can change they way they look, change their sexual orientation and now change their sex. Once that is done, they should be satisfied and if they aren’t satisfied then change whatever the problem is again and thus the cycle continues.

So the question that arises to the average christian is, are we good enough as we are?
The answer is YES WE ARE.

Other questions are:
1.Having a sex change, does that change our image we have from God?
2.Just how important is our sex to God?
3.Can one be born again and have a sex change?
4.Does having a sex change suggest being gay?
5.Could a transition like this lead one to hell?

These are just few of the questions that have been raised all because people have decided to trade one image for another.
The fact is that many christians qualify sins or wrong doing in categories. Stealing is a bigger sin than lying, while murder is just as bad as rape. With God, sin is sin. So ask yourself this, can lying,stealing be forgiven by God? Can one be born again and still lie, cheat and steal?

I am in no position to point fingers, condemn or insult. I know better. The position I am in is to tell you that you have been created for a purpose, built up with gifts and treasures that will find its expression. You have been made in the image of the Most High God and that is a big deal. You are so loved by God that He gave up His son Jesus. Your life has been set up in such a way that it will give God glory.
You are the best masterpiece created by God. There isn’t anyone like you. So go and express everything that’s inside of you to the glory of God.
You are worth every drop of blood that Jesus shed.

My advice on transgenders is understand that God loves them, the same way He loves you. All we can do is pray. Yes pray! Pray they get to know and experience the depth, the breadth and height of the love God has for them.Eph3:14-18 Pray they get the chance to hear the gospel. Pray for the labourers of their harvest to be sent Luke 10:2 (people sent to minister to them). Pray that their hearts will be receptive to the good news.

Our job isn’t to condemn or present ourselves perfect because we had a past, a gory one as a matter of fact. Yet here we are…born again,redeemed by God. Our job is to be the light to someone’s darkness. Soak up yourself with the word of God that anyone meeting you encounters the love of God and is led to repentance.
So once again I ask ,are we good enough in the body we have been born in? My answer again and forever will be is YES!

Go out and win!