Its part 3 and I cant believe we have gone through part 1 and 2. I really believe that through the new understanding of gospel music and how it isnt boring, you will feel the love of God. So gospel rock! Gosh I lovvvvve gospel rock music. Its one of the most misunderstood genres of music. Debates have gone on and on for years whether the genre could be played by christians, could be played during praise and worship and even at parties. A lot of gospel rock artistes have been branded as demonic and their music heracy. We thank God for the true rock artistes who stayed with their message of love, salvation and The Cross. Gospel rock is here to stay. Remember, the lyrics are the most important in any song. Gospel rock isnt different. For the lesson again, click here.HOW TO ENJOY GOSPEL MUSIC
But that’s my opinion. What is your say about Rock in gospel music?
Ps.. enjoy another video just to help your decision.